Melting Blue custom-designs qualitative research projects to meet its clients' specific needs. All research is designed to elicit the information clients need to answer tough "how" and "why" questions, like:

  • How do we reach consumers who buy...?
  • Why are our clients spending less this quarter on...?
  • How will our customers react if we change...?

Additionally, Melting Blue offers the following ad hoc services:

  • Moderation of brainstorming sessions
  • Moderation of focus groups designed by others
  • Market research-based strategic consulting

Focus Groups are Melting Blue's…focus

Whether your company needs information from internal audiences (employees) or external ones (customers) Melting Blue can create:

  • A single focus group to answer a single question
  • A series of groups to answer a series of questions
  • A long-term relationship where Melting Blue conducts multiple research projects on various topics

The Melting Blue Process

Melting Blue uses a three-step research process:

Step 1 - Work With Client to Assess Needs and Create Research Proposal

Because all Melting Blue research is custom-designed, this is perhaps the most important step. Client needs and goals are assessed, and the research design is approved by the client in a series of meetings.

Step 2 - Conduct Market Research

The shortest step of the Melting Blue process.

Step 3 - Report on Results

There are three components to Melting Blue's research reporting. Melting Blue provides:

  1. The raw research data
  2. An in-depth analysis of the research results
  3. A series of recommendations - both short- and long-term - based on the results and analysis of the Melting Blue market research project

Contact Melting Blue today to learn more about how Melting Blue can design and implement custom market research that will help your company understand its clients and make better business decisions.