Melting Blue's Founder

Melting Blue was founded by Sam Medley. Originally from Kentucky, Sam earned a BA in Management and Marketing from Transylvania University in Lexington.

After two years in the media relations department of a national hotel chain, Sam moved to Boulder, CO, and earned an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Marketing from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Sam then started a boutique marketing and market research agency in Boulder - now known as Melting Blue Market Research - and has spent the past ten years designing and implementing projects for companies all across Colorado's Front Range.

A licensed SCUBA diver for nearly 25 years, Sam has traveled to diving excursions in Fiji, Micronesia, Belize, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Sam is a sports fanatic who attends many CU and University of Kentucky basketball and football games each year.

Though Sam has been in Colorado for more than 10 years, his Kentucky roots run deep. He's attended 11 Kentucky Derbies and he is an 8th-generation member of a family-run bourbon business. Growing up as part of a family enterprise allowed Sam to become immersed in the world of business at a very young age, and he is still involved in the family business.

Melting Blue Founder Sam Medley

The Melting Blue Name

A lot of people ask about our name. To be honest, it's really just one of those "empty vessel" names that was picked because a wise person once said that the most memorable company names were an "action item" and a color.

Over the years Melting Blue has "filled" that vessel with positive focus group experiences, happy clients and lots of great ongoing business relationships. We believe we've made "Melting Blue" come to mean first-rate qualitative market research, and we hope you'll let us prove that claim.

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