Melting Blue's Experience

Melting Blue has helped clients from a wide variety of industries to gather the data they need to make better business decisions. Melting Blue's research strategy is designed for all industries, and by avoiding a focus on a specific industry, Melting Blue avoids bringing industry biases into its research design and analysis.

Some of the industries for which Melting Blue has designed and conducted research:

  • Professional services
  • High-tech
  • Software
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Consumer products
  • Industrial products

Whether your business is B-to-B or B-to-C, Melting Blue will custom-design a research project to find the answers you need.


"Sam has shown an outstanding ability to provide accurate and insightful feedback on our client strategies and solutions. His professional technique for probing issues is unique in encouraging honest and open responses. This, matched with his ability to cut to the core, provides an unparalled, reliable analysis with actionable, practical conclusions."

--Owen Jones, President and Owner of Colorado Careers

Some Melting Blue Clients

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Colorado Careers Logo

Colorado Careers
Denver, Colorado

  • Project: conducted both internal market research with Colorado Careers staff and external market research with Colorado Careers clients and helped Colorado Careers streamline its service offerings and maximize the efficacy of its most profitable services.

  • Project: created a market expansion plan, and worked with Colorado Careers on the implementation of such plan, to help Colorado Careers increase its ability to serve clients within a broader geographic area.

  • Ongoing: continue to serve Colorado Careers as a Network Director, helping Colorado Careers clients network effectively and providing feedback to them as needed.

Liquor Mart Logo

Liquor Mart
Boulder, Colorado

  • Project: designed and implemented multiple custom qualitative market research projects, including focus groups to determine customer satisfaction among female customers, focus groups to determine retail pricing efficacy and profitability, and focus groups to determine effectiveness of specific marketing strategies.
arielMIS Logo

Boulder, Colorado

  • Project: designed and implemented multiple custom internal market research projects, including moderated brainstorming sessions with company principals to develop company marketing strategy and image, and a focus-group style internal market research session to determine position efficacy and to prepare company for expected merger and subsequent growth.
Zoll Data Logo

Zoll Data
Broomfield, Colorado

  • Project: designed and implemented a custom qualitative market research project surveying and analyzing client satisfaction with a software package produced by an acquisition target; utilized individual phone interviews to reach the narrow client base.